Visual Communication and Design (Corporate Publishing)

Our Group has been providing very diverse services in the corporate publishing field with its brand Kesişim since 1996.

Kesişim which transformed into a collection object and signed under numerous publications creates projects with its team composed of authors, editors and designers.

We are benefiting from the power of the design and the content and prioritize creativity adding value to the corporation.

We aim to provide permanent products by reading the spirit of the time and understanding the requirements of our business partners.

Prestigious books which we publish, the activity reports, magazines, e-magazines, introductory films and below-the-line activities carry the values and messages possessed by the corporation to the stakeholders in the most effective way.

All of these publications accentuates the power of the corporation, its development level, culture and its `emotional side`.

These publications which are also an indispensable part of the marketing communication contribute remarkably to the dignity and perception of the corporations. With many periodicals in which refined feeling and the success-oriented idea unites, we carry on our travel.