Risk, Crisis and Issue Management

Most effective way to manage a crisis is to predict it before it happens and solve it without transforming into a real crisis... However this situation may not be possible at any time under any circumstances.

We as Bersay Consultancy, within the framework of a our `Crisis Management` service, we are preparing alternative scenarios and action plans for the potential crisis fields of our customers. When a crisis situation happens, in cooperation with the Crisis Management Committee within the corporation, we start to implement the consultancy and practical actions for the determination of the damage created by crisis, activation of the relevant action plans, sharing and transferring of the most correct and uninterrupted information flow to the relevant social media stakeholders in a controlled manner through the most effective channels.

Case Management.

The situations where the dignity of a corporation, its financial assets, its relations with target group and social stakeholders can be damaged are crisis cases and crisis should be definitely and quickly managed in order not to create and leave a permanent damage in the corporate dignity. 

Yes, some of the crises may not be predicted, however most of the crises happen since they could not manage the cases which are vulnerable to crisis in a proactive and correct manner. Case Management is one of the tools which contribute to the fact that these cases are determined and managed in advance during communication planning and possible crises are avoided.

However `Case Management` module can be used not only to avoid the possible crises but also to create a powerful public opinion with a view to supporting the perception which the corporation aims at, with the subjects which are important in medium and long term, brought to the agenda.