Our Companies

Bersay Communications Consultancy, set up in 1990 by Ali Saydam, takes on the responsibility of creating communication strategies, developing projects and helping these projects be put into effect which will contribute to their clients in reaching their business goals. Also in order to computerise the contribution they have had to the business results of their communication programmes, Bersay creates and applies modelling.

By being a member of the ICCO (International Committee of Public Relations Consultancies Association) and its representative in Turkey, IDA; (Communications Consultancy Foundation) Bersay put in a great effort to increase the quality standard of the communications sector and became the first company to receive the ISO 9002 document in Turkey’s communications sector in 1999.

Bersay Communications Consultancy which is a part of the Bersay Communications Group signed the Global Principles Agreement in 2007 and is the Turkey representative of Ketchum, one of the world’s biggest communication networks.

Bersay Communications Consultancy

Bersay Communications Institution is a perfection centre in communications aiming to provide an in depth worldview with educational, aesthetic, fun, current and quality information.

BCI which is a reputation asset for the Bersay Communications Group is taking on the responsibility and function of being a pioneering organization in its own field with the activities they hold aimed at the professionals of the communication world, young candidates and those patronizing services from the communication world.

While aiming to provide added value to the communications sector in the dimensions emphasized, our Institute is aiming to be a source that provides qualified people to the sector.

Our Institute aims to become the reference point for human assets of our sector, provides both career oriented programs and aesthetics / fun programs gathering minds for discussions, and leading to create; in short programs that favour the art of living.

Both in private and in professional life; our Institute aims to help highlight the foundation of communications with a broad “worldview” perspective and serve as an institution that enables the discussions of “future design” and “lifestyle” with different notions and experiences.

The Bersay Communications Institute is a non-profit organization giving back to young communicators, in the form of scholarships for masters and doctorate degrees.

Bersay Communications Institution

Gravital Digital Communication Consultancy

Kesişim Publishing and Design Services founded in 1996 and Saydam Communication founded in 2005 have been pioneer institutions in ‘Integrated Communication Services’. Gravital Digital Communication Consultancy has been established to follow new media’s innovations closely and put across this knowledge to our clients better with Kesişim’s 20 years and Saydam’s 11 years worth of experience.  

Gravital, combines human assets and benefits of technology in accordance to communications dynamics and serving the most compatible digital planning to its clients fitting their corporate values, target audiences and reason of existence with perspective of a 360-degree communication approach.