Internal Communication Change Management

We as Bersay Consultancy believe that internal communication is the most important carrier in establishing the corporate dignity. Communication with the employees, upgrading the quality of the offered service and/or product, and thus ensuring the customer satisfaction is a very important key.

 In all perception studies without an exception, there is a result which we encounter definitely: This result is as follows: In the public opinion and all social stakeholders, corporate employees are shown as the 'most reliable information source'. When we manage the communication with such an important information source, namely, Internal Communication, we will have prepared a 'communication army' which we can access nearly free of charge. We can explain this with a simple example. Lets think about an organization employing 3,000 people. It is estimated that these 3,000 people communicate with at least 10 persons a week. This makes 30,000 people. And the second circle which these 30,000 people affect is at least 4 persons per capita. In other works, 120,000 people in total. Now you have a “communication army” which will affect the business results of an organization directly and can transfer the messages as they are…

We as Bersay Consultancy build the Internal Communication service which we provide, with a view to increasing the satisfaction of the employees, raising employees who are intellectual, have high added value, dedicated and effective.