Financial Communication

Foreign capital phenomenon which occurred as a result of the integration process of Turkey with global economy, merger and acquisition operations which increased in this framework, great privatization enterprises or public offerings, created the financial communication as a brand new specialization field under communication.

We can define Financial Communication as managing the communication of the 'correct' works which are made in the name of corporate performance (profitability, productivity, market share, growth, new investments, employment, added value made to the economy, etc.) with a correct information giving strategy and by sticking to the principles of publicity, transparency, continuity.

One of the most wide branches of the Financial Communication which is a multi-dimensional communication module which covers all of the other social stakeholders (media, opinion leaders, regulatory authorities, etc.) affecting the corporation, its shareholders and the decision processes of its shareholders is the Public Offering Communication. Public offering communication is a process which is based on the marketing and sales of not only current but also future performance of a corporation which is preparing to be offered to the public. Public offering communication is a special field which makes it obligatory to know not only how to communicate but also relevant legal processes and procedures regarding these and manage the communication within this framework.