Corporate Communication

Communication is one of the most important processes which have to be managed by the corporations, brands or people in order to reach their business results under today`s circumstances where the global and local economic rules, competition and thus the consumers change constantly. Importance of the communication processes in terms of creation of the corporate dignity, which are consistent, creative and have absolute continuity, namely planned and managed with a strategic approach, are indisputable. Conformity of the communication studies which are conducted accordingly, to the objectives, and their contribution to the business results, are the critical subjects which should be assessed and reported regularly.

We as Bersay Consultancy believe it to be important that the specified communication strategy and the communication practises which are implemented accordingly are regularly assessed and necessary improvement studies are performed. We are not only following up the developments and innovations in this field but also developing private assessment methods which are appropriate to the requirements of our current and potential customers with our 20-year knowledge base and experience.

Our standing and determination is best represented by the statement of the Former President of British Telecom“If you can not assess, don`t do”.