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He was born in 1946 in Ankara. He graduated from Istanbul Erkek Lisesi (Istanbul High School for Boys) in 1965. He studied Chemistry at the Bern University between the years 1966-1974. He received the certificate for “Teaching German as a Foreign Language” in 1978 from the Goethe Institute.

He worked as a reporter for the newspaper Milliyet and Hey Magazine between the years of 1978 to 1982. He served as the General Publishing Manager of Karacan Yayınları (Karacan Publishings) between the years 1982 - 1986, the General Manager of Sabah Gazetesi Dergi Grubu (Sabah Newspaper /Magazine Group) between the years 1986 - 1988 and the General Manager of Güneş Yayınları (Güneş Publishings) between 1988 - 1990. After 1993, he worked as a producer and presenter for various TV channels.

He is the continuing Honorary President of the Bersay Communications Group made up of the Bersay İletişim Danışmanlığı (Bersay Communications Consultancy).

Saydam who is an instructor at the Faculty of Communications in the University of Bahçeşehir, also was a columnist for the newspapers Sabah between the years of 2003-2006 and for Akşam in 2006-2012. 

Ali Saydam who has been writing for the magazine Marketing Türkiye since 2006, has also been a columnist for the newspaper Yeni Şafak since September 2012. 

Saydam is also the author of the books “Algılama Yönetimi” (Management of Perception), “Eş ve Müşteri Nasıl Kaybedilir” (How to Lose Wives and Clients), “Vazgeçmek Özgürlüktür" (Giving up is Freedom) and “İktidar Yalnızlıktır” (Power equals Loneliness); he is married and a father of four.

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Ali Saydam / Honorary President

Dr. Arın Saydam / President & CEO

Arın Saydam graduated from the Department of Sociology in Boğaziçi University. She has a MA Degree from Istanbul University`s Department of Public Relations and Advertising. Her book made up of the details of her MA thesis “How Many Zeros Can You Remove from Your Corporate Reputation?” was published by Rota Publishing in 2004. 

Arın Saydam gave Media Measurements and Research lectures for fourth year students in Istanbul University, between 2008-2009. Mrs. Saydam also tutored Quality Standards in Public Relations and Corporation Publishing in London School of Public Relations and IDA. 

Being a member of Public Relations Foundation of Turkey (TÜHİD) and a member in the management committee of İDA, Arın Saydam played a crucial role in receiving the first ISO 9001 document for the fields of communication consultancy and corporate printing with her work towards standardization the processes. 

She acted as the Vice Chairwoman of the Kesişim Publishing and Design Services and the Chairwoman of the Bersay Communications Institute. 

In her PhD studies in the Marmara University, Public Relations and Advertising programme, Arın Saydam published “Public Relations Through the Window of the Industry” in 2008 along with Prof. Dr. Filiz Balta Peltekoğlu. 

In May 2014, Saydam completed the PhD at Marmara University, Institute of Social Sciences, Public Relations and Publicity. Her book ‘The effects of Sustainable Communication to the Corporate Sustainability’ based on her PhD thesis, has recently been published for students and industry professionals’ benefit. 

Dr. Arın Saydam is currently the Vice President of İDA (Communication Consultancies Association of Turkey).

Saydam is married and a mother of one. 

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Aylin Taşkıner / Chairman Advisor

After graduating from Galatasaray High school in 1992 she finished Department of Public Administration in French in Marmara University in 1996.  In the same year she started to work in foreign trade company in import-export  department.  After she resigned as Manager of Department of Foreign Trade in 1997 she kept working in the same group but in automotive company as Manager of Sales marketing until 1999.

In the beginning of 1999 she wanted to give a new direction to her career, so she entered to Communication Consultancy sector in Bersay. Aylin Taşkıner, who has been working in Bersay for 16 years, had worked at all stages in the company and during this time she had a chance to offer communication consultancy service to leading brands in Turkey. Taşkıner, who currently works in Bersay as Chairman Advisor and Senior Advisor, consults DenizBank, Metlife, Union of Financial Institutions  and iddaa. She is a specialist in Corporate Communication, Crisis Communication and Financial Communication.

Engin Saydam

Graduated from İstanbul Technical University in Economics, also participating in a dual diploma program and graduated from B.S Finance at State University of New York. He started his career in his college years at Bersay in 2011 where he was responsible for event planning. After his experience as event assistant and graduation, he started to work as Analyst in Bersay Communication Consultancy and focused on digital sides of communication. Afterwards, Gravital founded; by collecting design & event capabilities in it, agency focused on product, celebrity, key opinion leaders and sales communications. After the foundation, Gravital started working with FMCG and tech brands in many areas that accounted above.  Now Saydam is responsible for Gravital business which includes clients mainly in FMCG industry. He has command of the English language. 

Deniz Saydam Sarıkardaşoğlu / Senior Consultant and Executive Board Member

More than 16 years of corporate communications, marketing communications and public relations experience with different communication roles held at the client side as well besides the agency experience in B2B multinational companies (Deloitte – marketing supervisor and JLL- marketing director). Strong and persuasive interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills as well as proficiency in strategic communications, corporate communication and client management.

Working at Bersay since last year (previously 5 more years), currently engaging in a wide range projects including strategic communication, research and analysis, content development and creation, media relations and crisis communications. 

Graduate of the Faculty of sociology at Galatasaray University. MA in University of Surrey and PhD at Marmara University. Fluent in English and French. A part time professor at Bahçeşehir Unıviersity.
Ali Saydam
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Dr. Arın Saydam
Dr. Arın SaydamPresident & CEO#
Aylin Taşkıner
Aylin Taşkıner Chairman Advisor Sayfa Adresi
Engin Saydam
Engin Saydam
Deniz Saydam Sarıkardaşoğlu
Deniz Saydam SarıkardaşoğluSenior Consultant and Executive Board Member