Bersay Communications Institute Educators

Ali Saydam 

He was born in 1946 in Ankara. He graduated from Istanbul Erkek Lisesi (Istanbul High School for Boys) in 1965. He studied Chemistry at the Bern University between the years 1966-1974. He received the certificate for “Teaching German as a Foreign Language” in 1978 from the Goethe Institute.

He worked as a reporter for the newspaper Milliyet and Hey Magazine between the years of 1978 to 1982. He served as the General Publishing Manager of Karacan Yayınları (Karacan Publishings) between the years 1982 - 1986, the General Manager of Sabah Gazetesi Dergi Grubu (Sabah Newspaper /Magazine Group) between the years 1986 - 1988 and the General Manager of Güneş Yayınları (Güneş Publishings) between 1988 - 1990. After 1993, he worked as a producer and presenter for various TV channels.
He is the continuing Honorary President of the Bersay Communications Group made up of the Bersay İletişim Danışmanlığı (Bersay Communications Consultancy). 

Saydam who is an instructor at the Faculty of Communications in the University of Bahçeşehir, also was a columnist for the newspapers Sabah between the years of 2003-2006 and for Akşam in 2006-2012.  

Ali Saydam who has been writing for the magazine Marketing Türkiye since 2006, has also been a columnist for the newspaper Yeni Şafak since September 2012.  

Saydam is also the author of the books “Algılama Yönetimi” (Management of Perception), “Eş ve Müşteri Nasıl Kaybedilir” (How to Lose Wives and Clients), “Vazgeçmek Özgürlüktür" (Giving up is Freedom) and “İktidar Yalnızlıktır” (Power equals Loneliness); he is married and a father of four. 

Career Planning and Management

Prof. Dr. Ali Murat Vural

Prof. Vural graduated from the Anadolu University, Faculty of Communications, in 1987. His MA he received from Loughborough University of Technology and his PhD he completed at Anadolu University, Institute of Social Sciences. He became an Associate Professor in 1997, Assistant Professor in 2002 and Professor in 2007.

Currently he works as a faculty member of Istanbul University, Faculty of Communications. In 1987, he got 1st place in Investigation/Analysis at the Young Journalist Competition of Hurriyet Newspaper, and 2nd place in Newspaper Page Design. At the 1992 Milliyet Journalism Competition, he was awarded as Journalist of The Year, for his joint research “Technology & the Human”.

Vural has published 5 books, 3 intraorganizational compilations, edited 4 books and written 7 chapters in four different editions. He has supervised 10 masters and 4 PhD thesis studies. Currently he has been supervising 2 masters and a PhDs. He has 37 published sceintific articles, 20 papers presented in national and international congresses, and more than 50 conferences and seminars on Perception & Communication Management, Media, Journalism, Ethics & Communication.

Prof. Vural has 884 analysis articles published in daily newspaper journals and 81 TV programs prepared and presented by him. Major courses he teaches are: “Communication & Perception Management”, “Communicating Efficiently”, “Journalism and News”, “Human Rights & Media” and “Research Techniques For Social Sciences”.

In addition, he provides consultancy on Strategic Communication & Reputation Management, Political Communication, and Crises Communication & Management for national and international companies, municipalities and organisations in Turkey.

Dücane Cündioğlu

A linguist and a philosopher. His first writings, which he began to publish since the 1980s, are about the traditional religious sciences and modern criticisms of these sciences he tried to conceptualize through disciplines such as Logic, Linguistics, and Interpretation; In addition to his works which deal with religion and science, religion and politics relations in the context of history, he has published some monographs and published a series of philosophical essays. He has been working on Medicine, Mathematics and Law since he ended his columnism for 13 years on February 5, 2011.

Göksel Göksu

She is a graduate of Istanbul University Engineering Faculty, Geological Engineering. Since 1998, she has been working as a reporter in CNN TURK. Prior to CNN TURK, she worked as a reporter for Radikal Newspaper, produced "360 Degree with Rüstem Batum" program and produced short documentaries at a private production company.

Atilla Güner

He started his career in Ankara Barış Gazetesi in 1981. followed the martial law courts in the Hürriyet Ankara Bureau. He was a crime reporter. She worked in Hürriyet, Milliyet and Söz newspapers. He was the editor in chief in Sabah, Vatan and Milliyet. He was a television manager in Channel 6, Channel D, NTV, Channel E. While continuing the General Directorate of Milliyet News Agency, he joined the Hürriyet News Agency in the merger studies under DHA roof. Most recently, Atilla Güner was the editor-in-chief of Yeni Yüzyıl Newspaper.