About Us

As the leading brand in the communication consultancy sector in a growing country, Bersay İletişim Grubu (Bersay Communications Group) have set its goal to become a deep, innovative, modern, ethical, professional company with expert human assests, strong connections, dynamic, principles and pioneering communication consultancy services.

Built on Bersay İletişim Enstitüsü (Bersay Communications Institute) which supports the career development of the Bersay team, the group has defined its vision as "Competence at work” due to its experience in the market, its industrial knowledge, its strong client portfolio, its valuable employees with various areas of expertise, its numerous C-level consultants, its strong corporate network (local, national and international), and its digital communications expertise.

Bersay, while offering communication services to business partners in different cities with its local network called “Bersay Network”, also conducts international projects with Ketchum, an exclusive communications network which provides strategic consultancy services worldwide.

Bersay Communication Group