Bersay Communications Institute

Bersay Communications Institute, is a center of excellence on communication with an aim of offering an in-depth worldview via educative, aesthetic, entertaining, up-to-date and qualified knowledge. 

Bersay Communications Group’s reputation entity BIE has undertaken the duty and responsibility of becoming a pioneering company in its track with the activities focused on communications world professionals, young candidates and service recipients of the communications world. 

Globalization and rapid dissemination of communications technologies have forced us to confront the requirement to acquire new information in many fields from interpersonal daily communications to inter-enterprise and corporate communications, to comprehend the new world and solve cultural codes, and construct business, relationships and communications ways in contrary fashion. 

For this very reason and with an eye on sharpening our worldview while producing information and knowledge specific to the needs of the communication sector that change and amplify every day, Bersay Communication Institute was brought into life. 

The institute strives towards adding value to the communication sector over its highlighted features, and become a source for the sector that brings skilled individuals to the sector as well. 

With a view to become the reference point of the sector in terms of trained human resources, our Institute offers not only occupational programs that add qualification, but also programs that allow people to meet, discuss and re-produce, which in short serves the art of living. 

Our Institute directs its efforts to frame in communications foundations with a “worldview” in daily life, as well as business life, and serves as an Institute where “future’s design” is combined with “art style”, concepts and experience in this field are discussed from this perspective forward. 

Bersay Communications Institute is a non-profit, and gives back its operation profit to young communication students as graduate study and doctorate study scholarship.